“After every session I felt fresh, alive and raring to go… Gloria has an infectious, fun and loving manor on the telephone and we soon got to be good friends.”

My 4 months of fun and self-enlightenment with Gloria Bartel – LOA Coach

When a girlfriend asked me if I had heard of Law of Attraction I said yes as I thought she meant NLP. She asked me if I was interested in talking to Gloria about working together with me on – myself. Why not I said and then thought I would listen to what she said and then politely turn her down, after all my world was good.

Once I had a chat with Gloria it all sounded to much fun to pass up, and I thought I owned myself a small reward for putting up with all the challenges in life I was just experiencing, even though life was good – after all don’t’ we all have challenges I thought.

Gloria has an infectious, fun and loving manor on the telephone and we soon got to be good friends.

As I said we had fun during our sessions and there was nothing difficult about them except maybe being brutally honest not only with someone I had never met but mainly with myself. I opened up to Gloria things about myself I have never even shared with my family or friends. There was no judgment from Gloria and I guess the difficult part for me was to clearly see my self revealed truths about my life and me and how I acted and thought. One thing that I immediately gained was the knowledge that I was not a hyper nervous nut case, but that there were some reoccurring issues that I have had to deal with to lesson the anxiety and stress on myself to enable me to feel more at peace, calm and relaxed.

After every session I felt fresh, alive and raring to go on with the tasks she had set me, nothing to hard but never the less something that I had to do daily in order to break away from my old thought patterns. This feeling lasted almost up to the next session however, sometimes just before the next session I would become down and go back to my old ways. I really should have called Gloria or emailed her during these bleaker times as she offered me: this is part of her program, but I preferred to wallow in my moods. I would strongly suggest if you do her course, then take her up on this offer and call her and pester her any chance you get if you are feeling challenged.

We used a lot of visualization techniques and short videos, which helped me become a more positive and loving person. Now I don’t sweat about what I don’t know is a given and just try and live in the now. I am sleeping better and having less anxiety about a future I am not sure about. I love to be out in Nature and appreciate it even more now than before and don’t even care if the weather is lousy.

It was good to start using my stagnant mind again for positive and fun things instead of worrying so much.

Thanks a million for your help Gloria.