22 Reasons You Should Hire a Life Coach to Help You Achieve Your Goals

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22 Reasons You Should Hire a Life Coach to Help You Achieve Your Goals

The concept of life coaching is gaining more popularity every single day. That’s because it works! If
you’re skeptical about the title of this article and you’re thinking, “I don’t require any life coaching,” I
don’t blame you. It used to seem strange to me too.. someone to help you on your life journey? Do I really
need fixing? What does this life coach know that I don’t? I used to ask myself similar questions and then
one day I took a leap of faith and signed up for coaching with one of the top coaches in Canada. My life
has never been the same again. Below I will explain how it has changed my life and why I think everyone
should have a life coach. I strongly advise you to at least consider coaching as a possibility. It has been
the best decision I ever made. Thanks for reading and if this blog at all resonates with you let’s connect on
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We tend to avoid what we fear most doing. Ironically it is these feared actions that generally lead to our
goals being accomplished and our dream life becoming a reality. A coach serves as a helpful guide who
works with you through powerful coaching conversations. The result being, that you overcome your
limiting barriers, enabling you to finally succeed.

Many people think that simply getting things done, being “busy”, means that they are living their lives to
the fullest. But, if you take the example of any great athlete or famous personality, they never got things
done alone; instead they turned to a coach and/or mentor who guided them, saw them strive, fail,
progress, and strategized together the next actions that would eventually lead to their ultimate success.
This is exactly what a talented life coach will do for you – unlock your potential and work with you to
create an action plan that will enable you to achieve your goals.

One very obvious reaction that people have when they hear about life coaching is “Why hire a life coach
which will cost me both money and time?”

A life coach plays multiple roles in your life: she unlocks your potential, allows you to discover your best
self, acts as a motivator, accountability partner and strategist. The effectiveness and dedication that great
coaches use to transform your life quickly emphasizes the reality, which is that by getting coached you
are investing in yourself.

A life coach is responsible for engaging you in powerful coaching conversations and asking the right
questions to enable the breakthroughs that will cause a shift in your life. Coaches are in no way supposed
to be authoritative and they are definitely not there to tell you what to do.

Gloria Bartel, Professional Life and Health Coach

One of the best benefits of hiring a life coach is that they will work together with you so that you may
formulate a decisive plan for yourself. This plan will allow you to eventually realize your goals.

Life Coaching is about Life.

Are you looking to lead an amazing life and achieve your goals but you feel confused about how to start?
One of my top goals has always been to expand my mindset. To grow and develop myself to take my
results to the next level. It’s what has enabled me to start my own business, to find paying clients and to
establish myself as an authority in the coaching space. I’m always looking to learn more and you can
frequently find me with a book in hand, listening to self-development material on audible on my
headphones or reading my iPad. If you’re interested to hear which mentors and teachers influenced me the
most and directly impacted my personal growth check out my favourite resources.

Below, you will find the 22 top reasons of what teaming up with a personal development coach might
mean for your future.


Reason #1: A Life Coach Saves Your Time
Reason #2: A life Coach Gives You Peace of Mind
Reason #3: A life Coach Helps You Maximize Your Accomplishments
Reason #4: A Life Coach Helps You Gain Clarity on Life
Reason #5: A Life Coach Helps You Save Money
Reason #6: A life Coach Makes You More Accountable
Reason #7: A Life Coach Helps You Overcome the Obstacles
Reason #8: A Life Coach Pushes You To Follow Your Dreams
Reason #9: A life Coach Finds the Purpose of Your Life
Reason #10: A Life Coach Gives You Innovative Ideas
Reason #11: A Life Coach Makes Your Life Balanced
Reason #12: A life Coach Stands by You during Tough Times
Reason #13: A life Coach is Responsible for Your Growth
Reason #14: A life Coach Strengthens Your Personal Foundation
Reason # 15: A Life Coach Helps You Develop a Different Attitude
Reason #16: A Life Coach Makes Your Life Free from Anxiety
Reason #17: A life Coach Brings Freshness in Your Life
Reason #18: A Life Coach Helps You Explore Yourself
Reason #19: A Life Coach Boosts Up Your Confidence
Reason #20: A life Coach Makes You Feel Revitalized
Reason #21: A life Coach Helps You in Making Right Decisions
Reason #22: A Life Coach Prompts You to Achieve the Best of Yourself

Reason #1: A Life Coach Saves Your Time

Time is one of the most valuable commodities in life. When people fail despite consistent efforts, they
wish they could have more time. One of the ultimate truths: nobody gets more time.

People tend to think that they can achieve things on their own and the truth is that they totally can. That
being said, the question you must ask yourself is “How quickly do you want to achieve your goal?” When
you decide to do it all alone, you burden yourself with extra responsibilities and, at times, things tend to
get out of control. You lose focus.

A life coach acts like a navigator who assesses your present situation, works with you to establish a path
that feels right for you. You then work together to get the desired results. The coach is there along the
journey with you as an accountability partner for the massive action that you have to take to get to your
goal. As a result, you experience the remarkable dynamic of a collective effort geared towards your
focused goal.

Reason #2: A life Coach Gives You Peace of Mind

We are subject to many bitter experiences and unpleasant events in our daily lives. When you are not able
to share it with some other person, negative energies, such as frustration, anger and tension, keep swelling
up inside the mind. Having a supportive family always works. Certain feelings you could not or would
not want to share with your family. This is where a coach comes in handy. Coaches listen to you intently
and work with you to create a new focus on a positive strategy to get to your goals.

When you hire a life coach you are deciding to work with someone who is always willing to listen and
understand. Life coaches are not there to judge. They rather encourage you to confide in them so that you
can work through your blocks and achieve your goals.

Reason #3: A life Coach Helps You Maximize Your Accomplishments

Accomplishing a goal means that you have the ability to carry out a task successfully until it is complete.
It provides you with a sense of fulfillment and motivates you to improve your performance. But, many
people often experience a void in their lives when they feel they cannot accomplish what they are
dreaming of. These experiences demotivate the person from striving further and achieving success in his/
her life.

Life coaches are more concerned to know what you feel passionate about and work with you towards
achieving your target.

One of the important reasons having a life coach can be useful is that you learn how to synchronize your
individual goals with the ways of your life. This enables you to be aligned in how you pursue whatever it
is you are trying to accomplish.

Life coaches push you to acknowledge your small successes, which are helpful to achieve bigger goals in

Reason #4: A Life Coach Helps You Gain Clarity on Life

At first sight this reason might seem insignificant. If you think everyone on this planet knows what they
want from life, you would be wrong. People tend to have too many examples and opportunities open in
front of them and, in a hurry to achieve more, they often end up making decisions that do not help them
attain their ultimate goals.

A personal development coach helps you choose your priorities. Coaches inspire you to contemplate your
life so that you can determine the things that matter to you the most. Clarity is an excellent power which
can enable you to execute your tasks speedily. Focus is key in reaching your life goals.

Reason #5: A Life Coach Helps You Save Money

Taking wrong financial decisions can significantly affect your professional career. When people are
driven by over-ambition, they often forget to analyze their financial situation and end up making
investments, which do not provide them any profit for the future.

Repeated financial failures can drive a person to feel irritated, aimless and apprehensive to make the next
move. One of the top benefits of hiring a life coach is that he/she knows that life is a glorious product of
effective planning.

Life coaches never encourage their clients to make hasty investments. They provide you with an action
plan which includes a step-by-step approach for you to follow in your career. Coaching helps you align
your financial objectives with your life goals. This greatly enhances your affordability level and
prosperity in life.

Reason #6: A life Coach Makes You More Accountable

The joy of completing a task or making the right decision without any guidance is indeed overwhelming.
Negative feelings, such as fear, also works at the back of our minds which makes us feel that we have to
carry the responsibility if things go wrong or do not yield the desired outcome. As a result, you might
engage in procrastination which might prevent you from realizing your full potential.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a life coach is that they will inspire you to believe that you can
achieve the right result if you are using the right techniques. Our behavioural and thought patterns might
hold us back from living the life without hesitation. But, a life coach would provide you with
opportunities to discover yourself and make you realize that the only way to make progress is to take
actions. Thus, you would come out of your habit of making excuses to delay a task and feel accountable
for your own undertakings. Such personal growth is made much simpler if you partner with a life coach.

Reason #7: A Life Coach Helps You Overcome the Obstacles

In life, hurdles will often arise that limit your progress. Often as a result of facing these obstacles you
become disengaged from the goal altogether. What we forget to do is take action and try something…
anything. This is the only way to overcome obstacles.

A personal development coach helps you recognize the hurdles that are preventing you from achieving
success. By acknowledging the situation you are able to develop a different attitude towards these
challenges. This allows you to focus your energy and focus on an effective plan of action to move

A life coach facilitates positive changes in your life and encourages you to be courageous in confronting
life as it comes.

Reason #8: A Life Coach Pushes You To Follow Your Dreams

We all dream. This capacity to envision a better future allows us to live life more fully and motivates us to
go through hardship and achieve the desired goals. But, these dreams are often ambitious in nature. This
makes us skeptical about whether we really should pursue our dreams and make them a satisfying reality.
Receiving justifications and encouragement in the pursuit of your dreams is one of the most enriching
benefits of hiring a life coach.

Coaches can separate your professional and personal lives and listen to your dreams and aspirations from
a neutral context. This objective viewpoint is a useful sounding board. It can put you on the right path in
the course of your life so that you go ahead undauntedly and get started to make the first big move.

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Reason #9: A life Coach Finds the Purpose of Your Life

In the journey of our lives, we can easily be distracted and head in a wrong or random direction if we
have no clear idea about what we want from our life. Personal development coaches are always there to
ask you the most significant questions – “What is the Purpose of your life? What is important to you?
Why is that important?”. The answers can be life-changing for the individual.

Life coaches often encounter people who do not know the direction of their lives. The most important
reason for this lack of direction is generally a lack of purpose. Having a meaningful purpose drives us to
carry on, accomplish tasks, learn from failures and derive satisfaction from success.

Life coaching can affect our behavioural patterns and fill us with positivity and inspiration to seek more
from life. It motivates individuals to believe in themselves and lead a life of well-being and happiness.
We often forget that every single person on earth is a significant part of the universe and, if they
contribute positively, the world becomes a better place. Life coaches shine the light on you so that you see
your true self and realize what the purpose of your life is.

Reason #10: A Life Coach Gives You Innovative Ideas

All the grand concepts that we see today were once just ideas in someone’s mind. If you have bold ideas
you can affect your outlook on life and it enables you to feel mentally stimulated to achieve your goals.
Ideas are the building blocks of your career and have transforming abilities. One of the major reasons to
work with a life coach is that they can help you achieve life-transformation by providing you with the
right questions to figure out your key ideas.

Life coaches have the expertise to help you determine which ideas will match your requirements. The
selection process is often grounded on the individual characteristics of the clients. The coaching fosters
innovation and creativity in the coaching sessions and the result is epiphanies for their clients. Good ideas
open up multiple opportunities for clients and directs them to the path of excellence.

Reason #11: A Life Coach Makes Your Life Balanced

There are many areas in our life which need our attention such as the career, family, social circle, health
and many more. We have multiple roles to play each day and start facing problems when one particular
area consumes most of our efforts. As a result, we start seeking balance in our lives so that we can
provide equal focus and dedication to all the roles.

A personal development coach understands that our inability of building a harmonious relationship
among all these areas may be the cause of complications. Therefore, life coaches offer us guidance on
how to acknowledge our priority areas, such as career, finances, health, entertainment and recreation, and
ensure that we find compatibility in these areas. Finding balance in life creates positivity and fills us with

Reason #12: A life Coach Stands by You during Tough Times

We all encounter hardships in our lives. When we go through a challenging period, we always seek the
support and advice of somebody because it makes us feel better. If we attempt to confront problems
single-handedly for a long time, there is a high probability that we end up committing more mistakes.
Life coaches are beneficial because they make you realize that challenges are important for their ability of
offering wisdom.

One of the most advantageous reasons to hire a life coach is that he/she probes deeper into your
difficulties and evaluates the problematic areas for you. The constant support and efforts uproots the
problems from the core. At times, the coaches even realize that some clients do not seek any solution;
they just require an acknowledgement about whether they are headed towards the right direction.
Life coaches should never allow you to stay stuck with a problem. They work to untangle the limitations
so that you can enjoy some peace of mind and have strength and confidence to look ahead.

Reason #13: A life Coach is Responsible for Your Growth

It is very common for us to struggle for stability and harmony in our lives. But, at times, we become too
comfortable with the progression of things and resist changes with the fear that it might disrupt the flow
of our lives. Experienced life coaches enable us to look beyond our comfort level because they know that
resisting changes means no growth. Mutability is the ultimate law of nature and we need to nurture the
flow of our lives with many positive changes so that those contribute to our social, personal, professional
and spiritual growth.

A personal development coach constantly integrates your ideas with new ones so that your learning
remains enriching and fulfilling. Changes might seem too demanding but, when we stretch ourselves to
cope with them, we uncover our latent potential and commit ourselves to lifelong learning.

Reason #14: A life Coach Strengthens Your Personal Foundation

Our personal character is a mirror of how we live our lives. For any life coach, the topmost priority is to
have a thorough knowledge of their clients as individuals so that they can assess their personal needs.
This need assessment is one of the most important aspects of life coaching which helps us to eliminate the
redundancies from our lives and synchronize our goals with our personal values. By aligning our goals to
our values helps we are able to receive the most from our time, love, efforts and relationships.

Reason # 15: A Life Coach Helps You Develop a Different Attitude

We are entitled to experience joy, sorrow, hardship, challenges and accomplishments in our lives. A
different approach to such emotions helps us to see the present situation with wisdom. You reap the true
benefits of hiring a life coach when you develop the attitude of looking at the hardships as challenges.
Challenges can change you as a person and result in growth. As a result, the common concept of
struggling for progress dissolves and you start attracting challenges in your path for receiving greater
freedom, wealth and happiness. It keeps you focused on your desired target and, when you couple it with
actions, you get amazing results.

Reason #16: A Life Coach Makes Your Life Free from Anxiety

Stress is one of the major obstacles faced by many in their life journey. In the competitiveness of modern
life, we often get caught up in stress and anxiety. This can lead to low self-esteem, lack of confidence,
nervousness etc.

A life coach helps you acknowledge that life is a collection of innumerable moments and you need to live
through them rather than waste your energy on being filled with anxiety. Experienced personal
development coaches know that stress is an inevitable element of life. Life coaches work with you to find
a way to sort out the stressful elements of your life so that you feel rejuvenated and ready for life.

Reason #17: A life Coach Brings Freshness in Your Life

Refreshment plays a very significant role in our lives because it provides us with the much needed break
and creates more space for recreational activities. One of the most advantageous reasons to have a life
coach is that they celebrate with you when you achieve success through hard work.

Life coaches understand that their clients start experiencing many personal breakthroughs. When clients’
efforts are appreciated, the client becomes more engaged and oriented towards living life. There is a
natural tendency in us to concentrate more on criticism than on appreciation. As a result, we often fail to
acknowledge small things which have the potential of creating brighter futures.

Life coaches inspire their clients to explore new avenues every day. This empowers clients to create
momentum in life.

Reason #18: A Life Coach Helps You Explore Yourself

Individuals, who are aware of their own selves, know what they want from their lives. But you cannot see
a complete picture of your own self when you are present in the frame. Personal development coaches put
a lot of emphasis on asking relevant questions which helps you self-reflect and come to realizations about

Life coaches try to awaken your unconscious self so that you gradually reach the root of your problems
from which negative thinking arises and clouds your judgment. Through powerful coaching the client
ends up having many revelations that inspires breakthrough and action.

Reason #19: A Life Coach Boosts Up Your Confidence

We all want to excel in our professional lives but, in many cases, we lack the confidence and vigour to
step up and make a change. Many individuals do not have self-belief which limits their opportunity to
explore options. We often try to lead our lives by looking at what examples others have set for us. By
doing this, we ignore the beauty and opportunities of our own life journey.

Life coaches remind us that we are unique as individuals and our aim is to set examples through successes
and trials. Life coaches encourage us to be self-sufficient so that we follow our own opinions rather than
letting the opinions of someone else become our reality. Such self-reliance is important as it enables us to
approach life with confidence and achieve success on our own terms.

Reason #20: A life Coach Makes You Feel Revitalized

To a child, life is indeed an adventure. Adults tend to start losing this adventurous instinct as they start to
feel burdened with responsibilities. Our approach to adulthood is greatly altered when we choose to seek
the assistance of life coaches. The questions asked by life coaches act as a stimulus which creates
excitement in our minds and we feel renewed as we go on answering them.

Personal development coaches are proficient in the art of asking meaningful questions. These questions
motivate us to have a different outlook on life and awaken our creative impulses which lay dormant in the
core of our minds. As a result, you start to feel as though your life is an adventure again.

Reason #21: A life Coach Helps You in Making Right Decisions

When we lack clear visions about where we want to go in our lives, we deviate from the right path and
start making decisions which are not aligned with our possibilities. On many occasions, we struggle to
understand whether our chosen path is the right one. The constant fear of making a mistake can be

Effective life coaches understand that the sense of being lost is common and all individuals. Coaches
initiate by evaluating the clients’ values and beliefs. Gradually you proceed towards discovering the inner
strength that lies within you so that you appreciate yourself and trust your decisions to be right.

Reason #22: A Life Coach Prompts You to Achieve the Best of Yourself

Our lives are always in transition and this is the reason for which we call it a journey. At times, we might
feel that nothing is working in our favour. But the reality is that we sometimes overlook many aspects in
the hustle and bustle of trying to achieve what we desire. Coaching sessions conducted by experienced
life coaches help you realize what you truly want from life.

A life coach works with you to create a plan of action to make things happen in your life so that you gain
full control of your life events. As a result, all the events that happen in your life become your
accomplishments as you start taking the accountability of your actions. Life coaches take the
responsibility of your self-discovery and bring out the best features of your personality.

All you need to do is to choose the right kind of life coach for you. They provide you recognition so that
you feel respected and important and, in the process of their assistance, they turn your life into a
cherished and adventurous journey.

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About Gloria Bartel, Certified Life and Health Coach

Gloria is a master solution oriented coach and relates to the struggles men and women have in their
relationships and self-image, such as not attracting what they want in life, going through a divorce,
looking to attract the right relationship, trying to function in a current relationship, struggling with
ongoing stress, health, and weight release issues, starting over, and feeling stuck.

When she started her coaching practice a few years ago, she found that most of her clients were fabulous
at their work-craft but they struggled with developing a healthy self-image, fulfilling relationships, ongoing
health issues, or releasing unwanted weight.

As a Life Coach utilizing Law of Attraction, which helps each client to think in a certain way in order to
attract everything they want and less of what they don’t want. Gloria enjoys seeing the transformation of
her clients from the worry of ‘lack issues’ to living the triumph of an ‘abundant life’.

Her deep intuition savvy allows her to quickly assess what her clients need to do to attract ideal
relationships, how to achieve total health and wellness, and to enjoy a balanced life by shifting their
paradigm. She works with clients who have limiting beliefs to finding lasting solutions and achieve the
success they deserve!

While she is living a life that she loves now, this wasn’t always the case. At age 35 she hit rock bottom –
broke, divorced, poor health, working two jobs, and continually attracting and being involved with people
she neither liked nor respected. Her mindset was in the gutter. Fortunately she had her ‘ah ha’ moment
and found her inner courage and became fearless, letting go of her ‘victim mindset’ and within a short
time started her spiritual journey to abundance and success!

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