Google Translate – A True Love Story Fairytale That Could Only Happen in Modern Life with Google Translate

google translate love story

This is a romantic tale — and it begun with Google Translate. In 2010, Mac McClelland was an American in Haiti giving an account of the repercussions of the seismic tremor that year. There, she met her future spouse, Nic, an UN peacekeeper from France who talked no English. They instantly progressed toward becoming pulled in to each other however attempted to convey and turned to hand signals. In this way, they swung to Google Translate and gradually started talking and messaging with each other in English, even after they both had left Haiti.

“Seven months after we met in Haiti, we at long last observed each other in person again . . . He could talk enough for us to have straightforward discussions over supper. He knew a great deal more English than the first occasion when we’d met,” Mac wrote in The Washington Post. “All gained from our cooperations. All deciphered by Google.”

18 months after they met, the couple conveyed all around ok that they moved in together in San Francisco. A couple of months after the fact, they wedded.

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt discussed their romantic tale at a board today at SXSW — he utilized it for instance of how machine learning is having a gigantic effect in ordinary individuals’ lives. Something else he could have said — the stunning commendable story of how paramedics conveyed a child in favor of the street utilizing Google Translate’s application.

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