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Kangen Water Means Peak Performance!

Ionized restructured water supplies the body with extra free electrons which can be used to help neutralize disease causing free radicals in your body. Kangen water has an alkaline ph along with negative ORP (oxidationreduction potential) which makes it a very potent anti-oxidant.

Doctor RecommendedSoft drinks, sports drinks, and even most bottled waters have acidic ph and a positive ORP. This means they’re not anti-oxidants and that they are actually oxidizing your body. Now you can make the healthiest water in the world right at home instantly anytime you want!

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Truth behind bottled water

Americans will spend an estimated $9.8 billion on bottled water this year1. This will create 4 billion pounds of trash, which will cost our communities $70 million to clean up. Bottled water is not safer, better tasting or more convenient than tap. So why do Americans keep reaching for more and more bottled water?

Bottled water is inaccurately perceived as the healthiest water choice. We have images of clean mountain streams and bubbling springs of pure water, but the reality is that a lot of bottled water is derived from municipal water.2

The purification process removes everything from bottled water not just pollutants, leaving the water void of any nutrients and benefits that are naturally in pure water. The purified water is then placed into a plastic bottle, which may leach contaminants into your drink. The production of bottled water required approximately 1 million tons of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics in 20063. PET are petroleum-derived plastics that have been suspected of leaching hormone-disrupting chemicals into the water.

Ounce for ounce bottled water costs more than gasoline and anywhere from 250 to 10,000 times more than tap water.

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Distributor ID # ‎‎18000004317 (Input Number When Ordering)


Doctor Recommended. Celebrity Endorsed. A No Brainer.

Kangen Water is alkaline rich water (ph 8-9), and is considered the very best drinking water because of its incomparable powers of hydration, detoxification, and anti-oxidation.”

~Dr. Hiromi Shinya, Leading Endocrinologist (2)

“Personally, I can testify that there is no question that my own life has been markedly enriched by the ingestion of Kangen Water. .. I endorse Kangen Water as a physician, as a surgeon, as a human being, 100%. I feel that it is of great benefit to all mankind. I can only recommend it in the highest way.”

~Dr. Horst Filtzer, Vascular Surgeon (3)

Kangen Water and Pets

How Can Kangen Water® Help Animals?

If Kangen Water® is a healthy antioxidant, which hydrates, provides a pH balance, detoxifies and much more, then can we share this water with our pets?  The answer is a resounding YES!

Water from Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine can improve the quality of life for our favorite pets.  Consider the fact that these animals spend all their time on the floor, the ground and even on chairs where we have used chemicals for cleaning and where they are prone to bacteria, insects and parasites.  Our pets can benefit from drinking Kangen Water, which can increase their immunity to these challenges, and help to detoxify their systems.

As the word travels and more people own Kangen Water machines, then naturally, more household pets will share in the benefits. Now, there are more farmers, veterinarians, horse trainers and breeders who are realizing the benefit of using Kangen Water in the care of animals. Kangen 2.5 Sanitary Water has already been approved in Canada for the treatment and prevention of infection making it perfect for commercial animal use to clean machinery, feed troughs and utensils to reduce the incidence of herd infection.

Cows on a dairy farm in Japan were given alkaline water for a few weeks in the summer months.  As a result, not only did their coats improve dramatically, but milk production increased by 20% when normally cows production decreases in the summer months.

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How Hydration Can Totally Change Your Life

A 5% drop in body fluids will cause a 25-30% loss of energy in most people

In fact, even mild dehydration can slow our metabolism down by 3% – when you consider this, you can see why rehydration can support weight loss!

Proper hydration is so important to every function of the human body (if fluids drop by just 15% we die) and dehydration is at the root cause of such a ridiculous number of symptoms. From thirst to depression to cancer to obesity to fatigue to bulimia to digestive problems to skin problems and so on. This is not to say that dehydration is the only cause, but the above is just a small selection of the symptoms of repeated, daily dehydration.
But on the more positive side:

Being hydrated can change everything. Just the simple act of drinking enough water, on a daily basis, can have a profound effect on your life.

It certainly will help you to lose weight, as the water clears acid toxins from your system and boosts your metabolism. Our body’s cry for thirst is also often mistaken for hunger, leading to overeating.

Here are some more facts to show you how important hydration is:

A six-year study published in the May 1, 2002 American Journal of Epidemiology found that those who drink more than 5 glasses of water a day were 41% less likely to die from a heart attack during the study period than those who drank less than two glasses.

Drinking the equivalent of 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%.

Drinking the 2 litres of water a day decreases the risk of breast cancer by 79%

In fact, one of the biggest impacts that our alkaline diet course is having on people is that it is making them properly hydrate themselves.

It is so simple, but the reason why I think we often don’t give enough importance to hydration is that it is so simple. It is hard for our brain to connect such a profound effect with something as simple as drinking a proper amount of water each day.

So I am not going to argue the point too much – I think 99% of you will agree that drinking enough water on a daily basis is absolutely a good thing. So let’s get into the three most important questions:

1. How Much?
2. What is Good Water
3. How Can I Make it a Habit?!

How Much Water Should I Drink

Lets keep it simple. If you are not drinking 10 to 12 10oz glasses of water per day, you are not drinking enough water. Or, let’s try this, ½ oz of water per pound of body weight min.

The best time to drink water is when you first wake up; you need to start the day by hydrating your organs first thing, Have a 10 to 12 oz glass of Kangen water wait 5 min have another 10-12 oz glass of water along with ¼ tsp of real sea salt that has trace minerals in it, this helps to add minerals you need for the day. At 3:00 pm in the afternoon when you start to feel a little tired have a big glass of Kangen water along with another ¼ tsp of real sea salt, you will feel your energy come back.

What Should I Drink?

This question is easy to answer, lets get back to natures water, Kangen water, it is structured just like the water that comes naturally out of the ground, not in a plastic bottle.

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