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Meet Gloria

Gloria Bartel Life and Health Coach


Continue on your path to excellence with a free hour coaching strategy session from an Internationally Recognized Life, Relationship and Health Coach.

In this free strategy session, I will:

1. Help you clearly define your vision
2. Set challenging goals
3. Create a plan of action
4. Learn how to create extraordinary results

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About Gloria:

Do you feel tired, exhausted from not achieving the possibilities in your life? Have you come to a crossroads in your career, life, health and relationships?

I believe you are that successful being, and you want so much to re-energize, to regain your confidence, your health, regain your strength, attract healthy relationships and to master your own life and stop living other people’s lives but your own.

I help clients like you who are facing challenging situations in their lives, in their careers, in their health, in their fitness relationship struggles which are causing feelings of inadequacy, inner turmoil, low self esteem and lack of self motivation. My strongest desire is to help turn around these feelings of low energy and assist clients to regain their sense of purpose, sense of desire, sense of love, including self love, and their sense of well-being.

My promise to you is that I will fully commit to help you get through these crossroads and figure out what direction you want to take in life to live that one and only delicious , masterful life you were always meant to live since your inception into this large chaotic world you were born into.

I will help you achieve authentic new confidence in yourself so you will see the possibilities for your life while holding you in a realm of peace and creating the abundant life you have always wanted and were always meant to have.

I will be your guide. My strong belief is that we have all the answers we are seeking for inside of us. My coaching process focuses on three main areas: 1.) beliefs 2.) clarity of purpose, and 3.) law of attraction. Understanding your beliefs allows you to understand how you are interpreting the world and how to identify the hidden gremlins and saboteurs that are keeping you from accomplishing your life goals. By positively directing your goals, desires ,vibration, you will feel a greater sense of purpose in your life.

I will work on both your short-term & long-term goals to remove the road blocks that are keeping you stuck. You will feel re-energized, empowered and your family, friends and community will feel and see the shift in you as well. My clients experience a sense of calm & confidence-as if a weight of the world has been lifted off of them. You will be given the right tools to go through life’s challenges & master your life while you come out so much stronger and feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. You will have a deeper understanding of yourself & you will see new possibilities for your life, in your relationships, in your health and in your spirit.

I am a Certified Professional Law of Attraction, Life, Health and Relationship Coach. I am no stranger to adversity as I successfully overcame child, spousal abuse, divorce, anxiety and depression. Through adversity and perseverance, I developed a successful strategy to now live an amazing masterful life that I will help you implement into your own life so that you too can experience the fullness and mastery of a successful life.

As a professionally trained coach, I will be your partner and show you how to apply personal extreme self care by creating healthy boundaries. You will benefit from the skills and strategies I have learned and developed from years of selected high-achieving experts in the field of health and wellness. You and I will work together to apply these strategies to uncover the missing link in order to reach your goals and to attract peak performance results in all areas of your restored life including health, weight loss, finances and the ability of creating new positive healthy relationships. People will feel and sense your newfound energy and vibration subconsciously and people will be drawn to your new fabulous restored persona and sense of well-being. I will show you a diverse spectrum of strategies to help you reach your full potential.

Lets begin and let’s get the conversation started!

If you are serious about making lasting positive changes in your life, give me a call today!

My Song Just For You (Enya – Pilgrim):

Pilgrim Lyrics

Pilgrim, how you journey
On the road you chose
To find out why the winds die
And where the stories go.
All days come from one day
That much you must know,
You cannot change what’s over
But only where you go
One way leads to diamonds,
One way leads to gold,
Another leads you only
To everything you’re told.
In your heart you wonder
Which of these is true,
The road that leads to nowhere,
The road that leads to you.
Will you find the answer
In all you say and do?
Will you find the answer
In you?
Each heart is a pilgrim,
Each one wants to know
The reason why the winds die
And where the stories go.
Pilgrim, in your journey
You may travel far,
For pilgrim it’s a long way
To find out who you are
Pilgrim it’s a long way
To find out who you are
Pilgrim it’s a long way
To find out who you are

International life, relationship, and health coaching by Phone or In Person

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Success CertificateLive Food Instructor Level 2