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Meet Gloria

Gloria Bartel

Gloria Bartel

Gloria is a master solution oriented coach and relates to the struggles men and women have in their relationships and self-image, such as not attracting what they want in life, going through a divorce, looking to attract the right relationship, trying to function in a current relationship, struggling with ongoing stress, health, and weight release issues, starting over, and feeling stuck.

When she started her coaching practice a few years ago, she found that most of her clients were fabulous at their work-craft but they struggled with developing a healthy self-image, fulfilling relationships, ongoing health issues, or releasing unwanted weight.

As a Life Coach utilizing Law of Attraction,  which helps each client to think in a certain way in order to attract everything they want and less of what they don’t want. Gloria enjoys seeing the transformation of her clients from the worry of ‘lack issues’ to living the triumph of an ‘abundant life’.

Her deep intuition savvy allows her to quickly assess what her clients need to do to attract ideal relationships, how to achieve total health and wellness, and to enjoy a balanced life by shifting their paradigm.  She works with clients who have limiting beliefs to finding lasting solutions and achieve the success they deserve!

While she is living a life that she loves now, this wasn’t always the case. At age 35 she hit rock bottom – broke, divorced, poor health, working two jobs, and continually attracting and being involved with people she neither liked nor respected. Her mindset was in the gutter.  Fortunately she had her ‘ah ha’ moment and found her inner courage and became fearless, letting go of her ‘victim mindset’ and within a short time started her spiritual journey to abundance and success!


International life, relationship, and health coaching by Phone or Skype

(In person availability varies from Munich, Germany to Vancouver, Canada)

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Cosmetology CertificateHealth Coach Training CertificateHealth Coach Training GraduateLaw of Attraction CertificateRaw Food Chef Certificate

Success CertificateLive Food Instructor Level 2

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