The key was my own behavior and my own thoughts!

Since several years I’m on my way to discover my blockages, uncover patterns of behavior and to change this! Everything/everybody I came in contact with was in coincidence with me, and even so it was when I got a recommendation of a friend from Berlin – she put Gloria and her work to my heart.

In my opinion all topics you get or collect in life can be regarded as an onion, the layers must be borne by you again …

By the two-week phone calls with Gloria she gave me gradually more and more a positive outlook on life, on everything that surrounds me, and I could clearly see and transfer more and more of all into my own life. At certain points I always stumbled into the same ‘traps’, did not understand why – now I know that it had to do with my own attitude! The key was my own behavior and my own thoughts! Just what I felt – it came back like a mirror!

During the coaching months I have become more confident and more positive, I’ve ever been a happy person, but today I am more aware of it! And I feel how this all comes back to me and I’m living in a big positive bubble.

Gloria creates by her very positive attitude to life and conversation new patterns, she awakes forces to build aware of safety and helps people live a happier life. EVERYONE who wants to change his life positively, has hereby a possibility – A GREAT CHANCE!

Thank you Gloria, for all, you made a big different in my life ;))