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Google Translate – A True Love Story Fairytale That Could Only Happen in Modern Life with Google Translate

This is a romantic tale — and it begun with Google Translate. In 2010, Mac McClelland was an American in Haiti giving an account of the repercussions of the seismic tremor that year. There, she met her future spouse, Nic, an UN peacekeeper from France who talked no English. They instantly progressed toward becoming pulled…

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Couple on a bench

REAL LOVE = CHALLENGE + SUPPORT   Truly loving relationships incorporate an oscillation between both support and challenge. It is an unattainable fantasy to expect love to be purely support.    STAGE 1 of relationship is the ‘Falling in Love’ stage where you are infatuated by this person you barely know. Dopamine and oxytocin levels sky rocket and…

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