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What is Holistic Life Style Coaching?

Holistic life style coaching is for clients who want to have balance and flow between the different parts of their life, so that each part of the puzzle fits together to make one beautiful picture! Think of it as the Feng Shui of your soul.

Imagine if your wardrobe worked for you, fit your body style and included colors that you enjoyed and complimented you.

Imagine if the colours you used in your wardrobe and home helped to drive your energy and focus!

Imagine if your home and office were designed in a style that matched your inner self and your intentions with just the right furnishings and colors.



Image Consultant

Gloria Bartel is not only a life coach but also an image consultant, cosmetologist, and design consultant, helping clients to transform their life from the inside out! She has worked with clients to bring the different parts of their life into harmony so that they can move forward in an authentic and focused way.



Holistic Life Style Coaching by Phone or Skype

(In person availability varies from Munich, Germany to Vancouver, Canada)

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NOOMII Coaching Profile:

Holistic Lifestyle through Interior Design: Create harmony with your surroundings!

First of all a space clearing is a beautiful way to welcome  your home/workplace and family/clients/employees! There is plenty of scientific evidence, which proves our emotions and thoughts have electrical frequencies. Science has proven different emotions have different vibrations. The stronger the emotion or thought the stronger the vibration. The perfect example of this, which you may have experienced before, is walking into a room where there has been an argument and the tension could be felt in the air upon entrance to the room. ( the saying, “The air was so thick, you could cut it with a knife!”).  The tension is the result of the release of emotional energy during the argument. When repeated emotional energy is released in a space, the vibrations, which are dispersed into the space, are absorbed by the solid materials in the surroundings. This may include the walls, ceiling, floors, furniture, etc. Soon the room’s vibration begins to match the frequent emotional vibrations in the space. If we were to look more closely at how this may relate to the power of attraction and the simple theory that “like attracts like” we can understand the importance of having the ability to break up this acquired negative energy in our surroundings. 
Space clearing with chimes/bells and sage (also called “smudging”) is an important step in creating the best environment possible. Raising the vibration of your home will always compliment a beautiful environment. The time and effort to properly clear and bless a space is well worth the investment! Not only is it a good idea to begin every year with a deep and thorough space clearing (as this process will assist you in setting your intentions and help in letting go of thoughts, behaviors, and ideas that no longer serve you). But, it’s also a good idea to do a space clearing when moving into a new home/office, after having construction or renovation work done or after having illnesses in the home/office.

So out with the old – and in with the new!

I Design your surroundings to help you create the space you deserve!

My Spa Consulting Redesign of the Espa in Croatia. For more information contact Gloria.

Espa – concept designed by Gloria Bartel










What do you need to do? 
Invest in just 2 sessions of 60 minutes a month and i will bring you the knowledge, skills and a step-by-step system to finally bridge the gap between your current reality and how you REALLY want your life to be. I coach in person, by phone or Skype.

SPA Consulting Available by Request

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